Saturday, January 24, 2009

For Bea~


✿BeatriceLooi✿ said...

Love ya Vivian!!
Amazing art work that made me dream of them!

Thanks & many Muacks!

✿BeatriceLooi✿ said...

Wondering what is that ball thingy...? Never seen before in S'pore & Malaysia's gallery.. Beautiful!!

jenice said...

aiya Bea, I wanted to post, but Vivian so fast upload edi :p

There are some BIG BIG art work there, so AMAZED!!!

老 头 said...

很漂亮的藝術品~我喜歡這种晶瑩剔透的感覺~不過那些價錢真的有像serial number氣~~~~~~好長一串數目字啊!!!